How to care for your kitchen countertop


The kitchen countertop is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. Even if you don’t cook on a daily basis, you still use for checking the mail, sipping a cup of coffee or unpacking the groceries. When you cook, it’s practically impossible not to get the countertop splattered with all sorts of ingredients or crumbs. Therefore, it needs a proper cleaning if you want to prevent bacteria growth and make it look shiny and new all the time.

Depending on your type of countertop, it requires a special care if you intend to maximize its lifespan. Granite is a common choice among many housekeepers because it is easy to maintain and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, that fits perfectly with any kitchen. If you want to clean your granite countertop you should avoid acidic. Moreover, if you accidentally spill something make sure to wipe it fast using a damp sponge.



Kitchen countertops made of quartz are extremely durable as well as scratch and heat-resistant. Spills can easily be cleaned using a soft rag or a mild detergent. Just stay away from bleach and invest in cutting boards to avoid damaging the surface of the countertop.  

Marble is another great choice for kitchen tabletops due to its luxuriant appearance. Because it looks great in any house, people tend to choose them over other types. There are various marble cleaners available on the market but you can always use a gentle soap and some warm water to remove the debris. However, avoid anything lemon or acid-based soaps.

Given that marble is a natural stone, it has porous areas where you need to be careful not to spill liquids such as red wine, juice, coffee or tea. Also, from time to time you should reseal the countertop when water tends to slip off the top.



If you enjoy a raw and industrial vibe in your kitchen and you’ve placed a concrete countertop for a genuine experience, you need to learn that concrete is prone to stains, especially if you use oils. Plus, avoid placing frozen foods, shopping bags, or other liquids because it is quite difficult to remove stains from this type of material.

Wood is an element that adds plenty of warmth to a room. If you want to place a butcher block inside your kitchen you need to realize that the surface comes in direct contact with the food. Therefore, you must keep the countertop free of bacteria and germs.

After each usage, remove the remaining food or liquids with mild soap and a sponge. Every week, you can apply a natural sanitizer to remove food particles and other bacteria that can cause infec




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