How to clean your home efficiently


Housekeeping professionals make money by cleaning homes and commercial businesses but can you just imagine the fine-tuning they have to do to ensure they can do the task as efficiently as possible? Unless you are virtually wallowing in a tubful of money, hiring professional cleaners is not a luxury average-income people can afford.

Here are some simple tips on cleaning your home efficiently like the professionals do.

Alter your cleaning strategy

Zone cleaning takes a lot of time, not to mention how it only allows you to finish a few rooms within the day. If you could cut back to just four hours the entire house cleaning instead of finishing just a room or two in the same number of hours, wouldn’t that be swell? Simply wiping things down and then moving on is quicker and more efficient.

Switch from room-to-room cleaning to task cleaning. This involves completing a single chore, such as dusting, throughout the house before moving to the next task. This also gives you a good workout since you will have to do more walking. The fact that you have to keep moving also makes single-task completion faster.


Clean sensibly

Follow a logical order when cleaning. Make sure it really works for you. Starting upstairs is sensible and then clean each room top to bottom. Do not go around the room more than once. Be ambidextrous when cleaning to complete the task faster.

Wear the proper cleaning attire. Limit any distractions when cleaning. Avoid talking on the phone, checking emails, or watching a soap opera, as these will only slow you down. Just play your favorite upbeat music or better yet, have a cleaning buddy to lessen the load.

Use the proper tools

Lugging along too many supplies can wear you down. Aside from microfiber towels, traditional chamois cloth plus effective cleaning agents, you should invest in quality cleaning machines such as a good electric broom, a floor cleaner, a backpack vacuum, and a variety of other machines that help you get things done efficiently.

To revolutionize your cleaning supplies cabinet, try a bit of essential oils that you can boil in water to let the aroma infuse the whole house. Instead of all-purpose cleaner, you could try warm water and regular dishwashing soap. Seriously stubborn grime will have to be handled with specialty products just for that purpose.

Vacuuming regularly foregoes the need to use a carpet cleaner since you can attack 70 percent of the dirt. A damp cloth with warm water will entail that you get down on your hands and knees to clean hardwood floors, but it saves you money on having to buy actual hardwood floor cleaner.

Window and glass cleaning only needs elbow grease plus microfiber cloth and warm water. Stubborn dirt on windows and glass can be handled by mixing 1 part ammonia, 3 parts water, plus a dot of dishwashing soap while costing you a just fraction of commercial cleaners.

Mix a small amount of bleach or a mixture of 1:10 with water instead of pure bleach to keep mold spores and a lot of bacteria species in check.



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