How to buy the perfect kitchen knife



Whether you’re passionate about cooking or tend to order most of your food to take, you will always require the services of a good and sharp knife. However, before jumping into the market and spending your last dime on some of the most expensive products, you should first know what you’re really looking for.

There are countless types of knives and finding the perfect knife for kitchen could prove a difficult task. So here are the main aspects we consider relevant before buying any type of product to meet your kitchen needs.


Chef knives

A good chef knife is probably the product you are looking for if you want a universal one that looks after your primordial kitchen tasks. From cutting to slicing or helping you prepare dishes, chef knives are the most popular tools in a kitchen, being used by both professional chefs and cuisine amateurs.

You will want your product to have a steady blade that is able to easily cut through the thickest and softest ingredients with the same power and signature. Thus, you’re looking for a wide item, with a large and sharp blade made of the finest stainless steel or ceramics.


What type of material should your knife be?

No matter how advanced your cooking skills are, finding the best kitchen knife is not always easy, especially with so many good items available on the market. Keep in mind that different materials will satisfy different types of kitchen needs so, again, it is important to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Kitchen knives with powerful stainless steel blades should be extremely sharp and are usually the most common choice for chefs and newbies alike. You’ll need a thick, strong, steady, and reliable blade with high precision and for that, we recommend the Japanese stainless steel. It is the same used to forge high-precision swords and will not get blunt easily. Usually, stainless steel blades are encased in reliable wooden or fiber handles to provide a reliable grip.

Bamboo wood knives are also known for being extremely sharp and they won’t change the taste, texture, consistency or smell of your ingredients. Stainless steel blades are known to help fresh ingredients to oxidize faster, while bamboo wood will preserve the natural characteristics of fresh and organic ingredients. Thus, it is extremely recommendable to use this kind of knives when cutting fresh veggies into your salads.

Ceramic knives have the great advantage of not requiring to be sharpened, meaning they could be a good investment in the long term. They are also extremely reliable and feature thick blades that would cut almost anything.

We consider them to be some of the best knives for cooking but must be carefully handled. If you drop them they can easily break or chip so you’ll have to get new ones.


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